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How long have burnley been in the premier league

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Title: How Long Have Burnley Been in the Premier League? Introduction: If you are curious about Burnley Football Club's tenure in the Premier League, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with a concise and easy-to-understand overview of the benefits and conditions of Burnley's presence in the Premier League. 1. Quick and Accurate Information: When searching for "how long have Burnley been in the Premier League," you can expect to find accurate and up-to-date information on the club's history in the top search results. This ensures that you receive the most relevant and reliable information without any hassle. 2. Clear Duration of Burnley's Presence: The search results will clearly state the number of seasons Burnley FC has spent in the Premier League. This information allows you to grasp the club's longevity in the top-flight competition quickly. 3. Historical Overview: Alongside the duration, you may find a brief historical overview of Burnley's journey in the Premier League. This can include significant achievements, memorable seasons, and noteworthy players associated with the club during their time in the top tier of English football. 4. Contextual Information: If you seek more in-depth details about Burnley's Premier League record, the search results

When was Burnley's last trophy?

Burnley - honours
League Division FourChampion1991-92
League Division 2Runner-up1999-2000
League ChampionshipRunner-up2013-14
League ChampionshipChampion2015-16

How many years have burnley been in the premier league

Title: Burnley's Premier League Journey: How Many Years Have They Been on the Big Stage? Hey, football fanatics! Today, let's take a trip across the pond and dive into the captivating world of English football. We're about to unravel the thrilling story of Burnley FC and their incredible tenure in the prestigious Premier League. So, how many years have Burnley been in the Premier League? Let's find out! Picture this: a small, tight-knit town nestled in the heart of Lancashire, England. Burnley, known for its industrial heritage, has been making waves in the football world for quite some time. But it wasn't until the 2009-2010 season that they made their triumphant return to the Premier League after a long hiatus. Since then, Burnley has been a constant presence in the top-flight of English football, defying the odds and proving that size doesn't matter when it comes to passion and determination. Over the years, they have become known for their hardworking ethos, fiery spirit, and unwavering commitment to the game. Now, let's get down to business and answer the burning question: "How many years have Burnley been in the Premier League?" Well, folks, we're talking about

Has Burnley ever won the Premier League?

Despite spending most of their history in the top two divisions, Burnley didn't play in the top division at all between 1976 and 2009. They have won two league titles (1920-21 and 1959-60) and one FA Cup (1914), but these honours were won a long time ago.

How many wins does Burnley have?

Burnley were 1st in the 2022/23 English Football League - Championship, with 101 points from 46 matches played. They won 29 matches, drew 14, and lost 3.

What was Burnley's biggest win?

Record wins Burnley 9–0 Crystal Palace, second round, 10 February 1909. Burnley 9–0 New Brighton, fourth round, 26 January 1957.

When did Burnley win a trophy?

All titles
59/60English Champion
46/47FA Cup Runner up
1920/21English Champion
1913/14FA Cup Winner

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Burnley qualify for Premier League?

It looked like a marriage of convenience when Vincent Kompany returned to the north-west of England to take up the role of Burnley manager last summer.

Has Burnley been relegated?

Come the end of the season, Burnley (19th, 33 points) and QPR (20th, 30 points) were relegated while Leicester successfully rallied to finish up in a relatively lofty 14th place.

When did Burnley win the European Cup?

1960–61 European Cup Reims were the 1959–60 French Division 1 champions, and were European Cup runners-up in 1956 and 1959. The first leg was played at Turf Moor, with Burnley winning 2–0: Jimmy Robson scored in the first minute and McIlroy netted a second in the 22nd minute.


Has Burnley ever been in the Premier League?
Sean Dyche was appointed manager in October 2012. In his first full season in charge, Dyche guided Burnley back to the Premier League in 2013–14 on a tight budget and with a small squad.
Did Burnley qualify for the Premier League?
Burnley promoted to the Premier League after beating Boro The promotion comes in the former Manchester City captain's first season in charge at the club after taking over as manager last summer.

How long have burnley been in the premier league

How many seasons have Burnley been in Premier League? As of the end of the 2022–23 season, the team have spent 59 seasons in the top division of English football, 47 in the second, 11 in the third, and 7 in the fourth.
What year did Burnley finish 7th? Historical rankings
SeasonLeagueLeague Level
17/18Premier League14
16/17Premier League11
14/15Premier League7