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How to place a win place show bet

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Betting on Horses to Place: A Fun and Exciting Way to Win Big!

Hey there, fellow horse racing enthusiasts! Are you ready to add some thrill to your life and potentially pocket some extra cash? Betting on horses to place is a popular choice for many, offering a great opportunity to win big. So, saddle up and let's dive into the exciting world of horse racing bets!

What does it mean to "place" a bet?

Now, before we gallop ahead, let's quickly cover the basics. Placing a bet on a horse means you're wagering on it to finish in either first or second place. While it may not be as risky as betting on a horse to win, it still offers a fantastic chance to come out on top!

How much do you win place show if you bet a horse to place?

Ah, the million-dollar question! When you bet on a horse to place, your payout will depend on the odds set by the track and the amount of money wagered on that particular horse. But fear not, dear readers, we're here to break it down for you!

Let's say you place a $10 bet on a horse to place, and its odds are set at 3-1.

How to place a win place show bet

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How much does a $2 win place show bet cost?

Win/Place or Place/Show: Simply a combination of win & place or place & show. There are two combinations, so a $2 bet would cost $4 in total.

How do you place a win place show bet?

Select a horse for the Win Place Show wager. Each wager costs $6 total, $2 for each win, place, and show bet. Bet on additional horses, or combine multiple horses into one Win Place Show wager. Continue placing Win Place Show wagers for other horses, or combine multiple horses into one Win Place Show wager.

Is it better to bet on win or place?

Place bets pay more often, win bets pay more.

Typically, place bets are more attractive on horses at longer odds, and the place odds are still reasonable. The place bets on very short-priced horses are extremely low, so most punters elect for a simple win bet.

Should you bet on the Favourite in horse racing?

Favourites are not always the best value and the prices can get skewed by punters who follow the money on any early odds favourites, but they do have the benefit of having a high strike rate and a better chance of winning.

What happens if you bet a horse to show and he wins?

Winnings on show bets are unlimited and based on the odds when the gates break open, signaling the start of the race. Payoffs are calculated by the total pool less the track's takeout (basically commission), then divided among all the winning tickets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you place a bet for win place or show?


This is the simplest way to bet on horse races. Pick a horse and bet him to win (finish first), place (finish second) or show (finish third).

How do you bet on a winning horse?

Pick a horse and bet him to win (finish first), place (finish second) or show (finish third). This is a $2 base bet, and you can certainly bet more if you'd like. You can also bet the horse "across the board," meaning you have him to win, place and show — which is a $6 bet on a $2 base bet.

How do win and place bets work?

Win: Backing a runner to be the first past the winning post. Place: Backing a runner to be one of the first three past the winning post. (Note: this only applies to fields with eight or more runners. Fields with between five and seven runners will only pay out place dividends for first and second.


How do you win a place and show bet?
Like a parlay bet in other sports, this is several bets combined on one ticket. If your horse wins the race, you get win, place and show payoffs. If your horse finishes second you receive place and show payouts, and if your horse comes in third, you only get the show payout.
What is the payout for the win place bet?
Let's say you've placed a win/place bet on a race, and your horse wins at odds of 30-1. You backed it for $10 to win/place, which means you staked $20 in total. In this situation, the $10 win part of the bet pays out $310. That's $300 in winnings ($10 x 30) plus your original stake of $10.