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  • What are the odds of. catching the zika virus in new mexico

What are the odds of. catching the zika virus in new mexico

What are the Odds of Catching the Zika Virus in New Mexico?

If you're concerned about your risk of contracting the Zika virus in New Mexico, this article will provide you with relevant information. Understanding the odds of catching the Zika virus can help you make informed decisions regarding your health and safety. Read on to explore the positive aspects and benefits of knowing the likelihood of Zika transmission in New Mexico.

  1. Understanding the Low Risk:
  • New Mexico has a very low risk of Zika virus transmission.
  • The chances of catching the Zika virus in New Mexico are extremely low due to various factors.
  • The state's climate and mosquito control efforts significantly reduce the risk.
  1. Favorable Factors:
  • New Mexico's arid climate makes it less suitable for the breeding and survival of the Aedes mosquitoes responsible for Zika transmission.
  • The state's mosquito control programs effectively minimize mosquito populations.
  • New Mexico's robust healthcare system is well-equipped to quickly identify and respond to potential Zika cases.
  1. Travel Considerations:
  • Knowing the odds of catching the Zika virus in New Mexico is particularly beneficial for residents who plan to travel.
  • Understanding the low risk can alleviate concerns and provide peace of mind while traveling within or outside the state.
  • Residents can confidently explore the beautiful
Title: Exploring the Likelihood of Contracting the Zika Virus in New Mexico: Expert Analysis

Meta tag description: This comprehensive review delves into the odds of contracting the Zika virus in New Mexico, providing expert insights and analysis based on current data and regional considerations.


The Zika virus has garnered significant global attention due to its potential health risks, particularly for pregnant women and their unborn children. While New Mexico is not considered a high-risk region for Zika transmission, it is essential to understand the odds of contracting the virus in this area. This expert analysis aims to provide informative insights into the likelihood of Zika virus transmission in New Mexico, taking into account various factors and current data.

1. Understanding Zika Virus Transmission:

Zika virus is primarily transmitted through the bites of infected Aedes species mosquitoes. However, it can also be sexually transmitted and transmitted from mother to fetus during pregnancy. These modes of transmission form the basis for evaluating the odds of contracting the virus in any given region.

2. Environmental Factors in New Mexico:

New Mexico's climate and geography play a crucial role in determining the likelihood of Zika virus transmission. The state experiences a predominantly arid climate, which is generally not conducive to the breeding and survival of Aedes mosquitoes. These species thrive in warm, humid environments

What are the odds of contracting zika virus

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How common is Zika in Cancun?

Don't obsess over Zika

However, Zuniga notes that the incidence rates of Zika in and around Cancun are some of the lowest in Mexico, and adds that “the reason you've heard nothing about Zika is that there's nothing to report.”

Is it safe to go to Cancun while pregnant?

Consequently, where possible, you should avoid all non-essential travel to tropical destinations during pregnancy, in particular those with a risk of diseases such as malaria, zika virus or yellow fever.

Is Zika still in Mexico 2023?

The PAHO reported in December 2023 that Belize (281), Guatemala (112), El Salvador (89), and Mexico (28) confirmed Zika cases in 2023. Costa Rica's Ministry of Health confirmed in September 2023 there have been 27 Zika cases confirmed this year. In 2022, there were 45 Zika cases reported in Costa Rica.

Can I go to Mexico pregnant 2023?

If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant

If you are pregnant, you should NOT travel to areas with Zika outbreaks (as indicated by red areas on Zika map).

Is Zika still a problem in Florida?

There is no current local transmission of Zika virus in the continental United States. The last cases of local Zika transmission by mosquitoes in the continental United States were in Florida and Texas in 2016-17.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zika still a risk in 2023?

Washington, DC, 1 September 2023 (PAHO) - Despite a global reduction in Zika cases since 2017, the circulation of this mosquito-borne virus has been confirmed in 89 countries around the world. Although incidence levels remain low, sporadic increases have been observed in some countries in recent years.

Is Zika in Florida 2023?

In 2023, no cases of locally acquired Zika fever have been reported.

How common is the Zika virus in Mexico?

In 2022, Mexico reported 12 cases of the Zika virus disease, down from 35 cases recorded a year earlier.


Should I worry about Zika in 2023?
Data from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) shows that, unlike other arboviruses such as dengue or chikungunya, which caused over 3 million and 324,000 cases respectively so far in 2023, Zika exhibits significantly lower incidence, with only 27,000 cases during the same period.
What trimester of pregnancy is Zika birth defects?
Although the most severe brain abnormalities were seen in first-trimester infection, later infection during pregnancy has been also associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes and even postnatal microcephaly [6, 24].
Can you detect Zika while pregnant?
You should be tested for Zika if you are pregnant, traveled to an area with risk of Zika (purple areas) and your doctor sees Zika-associated abnormalities on an ultrasound or you deliver a baby with birth defects that may be related to Zika.

What are the odds of. catching the zika virus in new mexico

How common is it to get Zika? Zika cases in the United States

Year US States Locally acquired** US States Travel-associated†
2016 224 4,944
2017 7 445
2018 0 74
2019 0 28
Is Zika still a risk 2023? But despite this overall improved picture, the virus continues to circulate. In 2022, the Americas saw 40,528 cases of Zika. Brazil had the greatest number of cases that year, at more than 34,000, but Belize had the highest incidence per capita. As of early December, 31,780 cases were reported in the Americas in 2023.
  • How common is Zika in babies?
    • Proportion with Birth Defects is about 5%

      Among people with confirmed or possible Zika virus infection during pregnancy in U.S. states and territories, Zika-associated birth defects occurred in about 5% of babies.

  • How long is Zika a risk for pregnancy?
    • If you think you were exposed to Zika but don't have signs or symptoms, wait at least 8 weeks from when you think you were exposed before trying to get pregnant. If your partner has signs or symptoms of Zika, wait at least 3 months from his first sign or symptom before trying to get pregnant.