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What is a placepot bet

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What is a Placepot Bet: An Essential Guide for US Bettors

If you are new to horse racing and betting, understanding various bet types can be overwhelming. One popular bet option worth exploring is the Placepot bet. In this brief review, we will explain the concept of a Placepot bet, highlight its benefits, and discuss when it can be used effectively.

I. What is a Placepot Bet?

A Placepot bet is a type of wager offered by bookmakers or online betting platforms, primarily in horse racing. It requires selecting horses to place (usually finish within the top few positions) in a specific number of races on a race card.

II. Benefits of Placepot Bet:

  1. Affordable Entry: Placepot bets often have low minimum stakes, making them accessible to a wide range of bettors.
  2. Exciting Entertainment: Engage in the thrill of multiple races in a single bet, enhancing the excitement and enjoyment of horse racing.
  3. Potential for Lucrative Payouts: If your selected horses consistently place throughout the Placepot races, you can win significant payouts, especially if longshot horses perform well.
  4. Flexibility in Selection: You have the flexibility to choose multiple horses in each race, increasing your chances

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How do you win on a placepot?

To win the Placepot you just need to have a horse placed in the first six races at any meeting. How many places are on offer depends on how many runners are in a race and the same terms apply to the Tote Place pool.

What is the placepot strategy?

Tote Placepot Strategy

It is best to pick horses with consistent form figures who don't often win, but regularly finish in the top 4, as opposed to those who win sporadically, but can run a series of stinkers. Consistency and reliability are key when it comes to the Placepot.

How does a horse placepot work?

The placepot is a parimutuel betting market in horse racing that involves backing a selection of horses to place across a particular racecard. It always involves the first six races of a card, with the exception of occasions where races in the UAE can form the first couple of legs ahead of a UK fixture.

Are placepots profitable?

OK if you have at least two winners you will get some money back, but even if you have three winners all at 3/1 you would still only get back about 45% of your original stake. To start making a profit from the bet with 3 winners you would need them all to be around the 9/2 mark.

What happens if a horse is withdrawn in a placepot?

If the favourite is withdrawn before coming under Starters Orders and too late for a new favourite to be made, the horse returned at the next shortest price will be taken. Where two or more horses are returned at the next shortest price, the one with the lowest racecard number will be taken.

What are the rules for placepot in Bet 365?

A placepot is a pool bet that involves selecting a horse to finish in the places in the first six races of a race meeting. It's a simple bet, that doesn't require a horse to win, just finish within the stipulated places of a race. If your Placepot is successful you will win a dividend.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you win on a Quadpot?

To win a share of the Quadpot pool you have to find a horse to place in races three, four, five and six at any given meeting. The number of places on offer in each race depend on the number of runners. For races of four horses or less, only the winner will do. Races with five to seven runners see the top two place.

What does Quadpot mean?

The Quadpot requires you to find a horse to place in four selected races. Whether you're out of the Placepot in the first couple of legs or think that the opening two races of the day are a bit too tough to tackle the Tote Quadpot is for you.

How do you play Quadpot?

The Tote Quadpot is a popular pool bet in which players must pick a horse to place in races 3, 4, 5 and 6 at a meeting in order to win a share of the Tote Quadpot dividend. The more bets placed on the Quadpot pool at the meeting, the larger the potential dividend for successful bets.

How do I place a placepot bet on Paddy Power app?

How to place a placepot bet at Paddy Power? Here, punters must select at least one horse from race, in which they believe has a good chance of placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th. Depending on the number of competitors, winnings will be made if each places in their respective race, regardless of the final position.

Can I bet on the tote with Paddy Power?

Paddy Power do not offer Tote betting online. Tote bets can only be placed in a Paddy Power shop or over text betting. There are many reasons why a bet or selection may have been voided.


How do you place a football bet on Paddy Power?
In order to place your bet log in and scroll the top ribbon icons to the left and to the right to find the Sport you wish to place your bet on. Alternatively you can scroll down the page to check out the most Popular Sports/Bets. We will tap to place our bet.
How does the Tote pool work?
The Tote essentially works in a similar way to the lottery. Punters pick their horses and put their money into a cumulative pool – everyone with a winning ticket shares a percentage of the pot. If fewer people backed your horse, you will get a greater share if it wins.
What is an example of a Tote bet?
The most common Fixed/Tote bet is the Win bet. To put it simply, you're chosen runner that you have selected as your 'Win bet' must cross the line in 1st position for a winning resulted bet. A 'Place Bet', in which your runner must finish either 1st, 2nd or 3rd for a winning resulted bet.
What is the Tote betting strategy?
Simply, select the horse you think will win the race (or is best value - more on that later), and if it comes home first, your bet is a winner. When betting with the Tote you also have other types of exotic bets to enjoy, which can yield big returns for a small outlay.

What is a placepot bet

Is tote betting better? When is a Tote Place bet better than a fixed-odds place bet? Usually, a Tote Place bet will offer a bigger return on outsiders. This is because the dividend forecast (essentially the odds at the time of placing your bet) for the Tote Place market reflects exactly where punters are placing their money.
How does pool gambling work? Pool, method of gambling in which all money bet on the result of a particular event by a number of people is awarded to one or more winners according to conditions established in advance (taxes, operating expenses, and other charges may be deducted from the total pool before prizes are awarded).
How does a group split lottery winnings? Group winners of Scratchers, Fantasy 5, Daily 3, Daily 4, Daily Derby, Hot Spot, SuperLotto Plus, Mega Millions, or Powerball prizes of $1 million or more must choose the same payment option, and may use the Multiple Player Ownership Claim Form which allows each group member (up to 100 members) to receive individual
What is the parimutuel betting strategy? Parimutuel betting is commonly known as pool betting. It works differently from a traditional betting market in that, instead of betting against the bookmaker, all bets are cumulated into a pool and then dividends are awarded based on the number of bets taken and the amount the player has wagered.
  • What is the difference between pari-mutuel and fixed odds?
    • Definition. Parimutuel betting differs from fixed-odds betting in that the final payout is not determined until the pool is closed – in fixed odds betting, the payout is agreed at the time the bet is sold.
  • What is a para mutual?
    • 1. : a betting pool in which those who bet on competitors finishing in the first three places share the total amount bet minus a percentage for the management. 2. : a machine for registering the bets and computing the payoffs in pari-mutuel betting.
  • How do you split winnings on lottery pool?
    • Each member will add money to the collective pool, and the funds are used to purchase lottery tickets. The entire group will split the winnings evenly if any of these tickets are winners. The more people that join a lottery pool, the more tickets can be purchased for the same individual cost.
  • How much does it cost to put on a placepot?
    • The minimum stake per line is 10p, although some operators may allow 5p lines. The minimum total stake is £1. As a result a minimum of 10 lines is generally needed if you want to go with 10p lines. For example, if we played 50p lines on our example 48-line Tote Placepot above, the total stake would be £24.