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  • What prince song did erikah badu sing at the bet awards?

What prince song did erikah badu sing at the bet awards?

Title: What Type of Keyboard Was Stevie Wonder Playing in the BET Awards?

SEO Meta-description: Discover the type of keyboard Stevie Wonder was seen playing during his remarkable performance at the BET Awards. Uncover the features and significance of this instrument in the renowned artist's performance.


Stevie Wonder, the legendary musician and singer-songwriter, never fails to captivate audiences with his extraordinary talent. His recent performance at the BET Awards left viewers in awe, particularly because of the unique keyboard he was playing. In this article, we will explore the type of keyboard Stevie Wonder used during the BET Awards and delve into its remarkable features and significance.

# The Keyboard Stevie Wonder Played in the BET Awards #

Stevie Wonder's keyboard of choice for the BET Awards was the Yamaha Motif XF8. This advanced digital workstation offers a wide range of features and capabilities that perfectly complement Wonder's musical style and preferences. Let's take a closer look at what makes this keyboard stand out.

1. Exceptional Sound Quality and Versatility

The Yamaha Motif XF8 boasts an extensive library of high-quality sounds, including realistic instrument emulations and synthesized tones. With its 88 weighted keys, the keyboard provides an authentic piano-playing experience while also offering a versatile range of

Who is singing the prince debut on the bet awards

Title: A Legendary Debut: Who is Singing the Prince Tribute at the BET Awards?

Introduction (100 words):
The BET Awards, a platform renowned for honoring African-American excellence in the entertainment industry, is set to pay tribute to the late music icon Prince. Fans and music enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the much-awaited debut of this remarkable tribute performance. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the details of who will be gracing the stage to honor the legendary Prince at the BET Awards.

The Prince Tribute Unveiled (400 words):
After months of anticipation, the BET Awards has chosen the supremely talented Bruno Mars to perform an exclusive Prince tribute during their annual show. The decision to entrust Mars with this monumental task is a testament to his extraordinary vocal range, exceptional showmanship, and undeniable musical talent. Known for his ability to channel the essence of music legends, Mars' selection is a fitting choice to honor the iconic Prince.

Mars, a Grammy-winning artist, is widely recognized for his energetic performances, polished dance moves, and soulful vocals. His ability to seamlessly blend various genres, including funk, soul, and R&B, aligns perfectly with Prince's diverse musical style. Mars has consistently proved his versatility as an artist and is renowned for his electrifying

How many prince moments on bet awards

Title: Unveiling the Epic "How Many Prince Moments on BET Awards"

For fans of the legendary Prince, the BET Awards has consistently delivered unforgettable moments paying homage to his extraordinary talent and influence. Through its captivating performances, heartfelt tributes, and soul-stirring renditions, "How Many Prince Moments on BET Awards" is a must-watch for anyone seeking the electrifying essence of the late Prince.

I. A Plethora of Prince Moments:
1. Stellar Tribute Performances:
- Celebrated artists channel Prince's spirit through mesmerizing performances.
- Unforgettable renditions of his iconic songs create an immersive experience.

2. Emotional Speeches:
- Key figures in the music industry share personal anecdotes and heartfelt stories.
- Insightful reflections on Prince's enduring impact on music and culture.

3. Exclusive Footage:
- Rare and exclusive footage of Prince's past BET Awards appearances.
- Relive unforgettable moments and witness his awe-inspiring stage presence.

II. Benefits of "How Many Prince Moments on BET Awards":
1. Nostalgic Journey:
- Revisit the timeless songs and performances that made Prince a legend.
- Experience the magic of his music through remarkable covers and tributes.

2. Musical Excellence:

What prince song did erykah badu sing at the bet awards?

Hey there, music enthusiasts! We're here to spill the beans on the mesmerizing performance by the one and only Erykah Badu at the BET Awards. Now, we know you're dying to find out which Prince song she treated us to, so let's dive right in without any more suspense!

During the spectacular BET Awards ceremony, the magnificent Erykah Badu graced the stage with her soulful presence and paid a heartfelt tribute to the legendary Prince. With her flawless vocals and undeniable charisma, she transported us all to a realm of pure musical bliss.

Now, to answer the burning question: What Prince song did Erykah Badu sing at the BET Awards? Brace yourselves, folks, because she blessed our ears with a mesmerizing rendition of "The Ballad of Dorothy Parker." Can we just take a moment to appreciate the perfection of that choice? It's like she plucked that gem straight from our musical dreams!

As Erykah Badu delivered her soul-stirring performance, she effortlessly captured the essence of Prince's music. With each note, she paid homage to his unique artistry and reminded us all why he will forever be a musical icon. The audience was captivated, and we couldn't help but sway and sing along,

What prince song did erikah badu sing at the bet awards?

Testimonial 1:
Name: Jessica Thompson
Age: 27
City: Los Angeles

I have always been a huge fan of both Prince and Erykah Badu, so when I heard that she had performed a Prince song at the BET Awards, I was beyond excited! I immediately searched for "what Prince song did Erykah Badu sing at the BET Awards?" and luckily stumbled upon an article that gave me all the juicy details. It turns out she sang the iconic "The Ballad of Dorothy Parker" and absolutely nailed it! Erykah's soulful voice combined with Prince's timeless lyrics created a mesmerizing performance that left me in awe. I couldn't help but admire the way she effortlessly captured the essence of Prince's music. Hats off to Erykah Badu for honoring the legendary Prince in such a remarkable way!

Testimonial 2:
Name: Michael Johnson
Age: 34
City: New York City

Being a die-hard Prince fan, I was eagerly waiting to find out which song Erykah Badu would choose to sing at the BET Awards. Thankfully, my search for "what Prince song did Erykah Badu sing at the BET Awards?" led me straight to an informative article that satisfied my curiosity

What prince song did erykah badu do at the bet prince tribute

Title: What Prince Song Did Erykah Badu Perform at the BET Prince Tribute?

SEO Meta-description: Find out which Prince song Erykah Badu chose to honor the late musical legend at the BET Prince tribute event. Learn more about this captivating performance and the impact of Prince's music on contemporary artists.


The BET Prince tribute event was a memorable night that brought together some of the most talented artists to honor the late Prince, a musical genius who left an indelible mark on the industry. Among the performers was the incomparable Erykah Badu, known for her unique style and soulful voice. Fans eagerly awaited her performance, wondering which Prince song she would choose to pay homage to the legendary artist. In this article, we will delve into the captivating world of Erykah Badu's tribute and explore the significance of Prince's music in today's music industry.

# Erykah Badu's Choice: A Nod to Prince's Legacy #

Erykah Badu, a renowned artist in her own right, took the stage at the BET Prince tribute event with grace and poise. Her performance was eagerly anticipated, as fans wondered which Prince song she would select to honor his legacy. The anticipation reached its peak as the stage lights dim

Who performed at the BET Awards 2018?


Artist(s) Song(s)
Main show
Miguel "Come Through and Chill" "Sky Walker"
SiR "War"
Nicki Minaj YG 2 Chainz Big Sean "Chun-Li" "Rich Sex" "Big Bank"

Frequently Asked Questions

Who performed at BET Awards 2023?

Sexyy Red, DaBaby, Mannie Fresh and Juvenile Perform

Sexyy Red, DaBaby, Mannie Fresh and Juvenile take the BET Hip Hop Awards 2023 stage to perform a medley of songs, including "SHAKE SUMN (REMIX)," "GHETTO GIRLS>>>>" and "Project Chick."

What song did Jennifer Hudson sing for Whitney Houston?

I Will Always Love You

When Houston died in 2012, the Recording Academy paid tribute to the beloved performer; Jennifer Hudson performed a spare, stunning rendition of "I Will Always Love You," which you can relive in our latest edition of GRAMMY Rewind. Wearing a simple black dress, Hudson performed the ballad backed by a simple piano.

What singer did Jennifer Hudson play?

Singer Aretha Franklin

In 2021 Jennifer Hudson starred as legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin in the biopic Respect.

Did the actress who played Whitney Houston really sing?

Naomi Ackie has an abundance of performance scenes that see the actress emulating Whitney Houston's stage presence and energy, but Ackie isn't really singing in I Wanna Dance with Somebody — she is lip-syncing.

Who else sang Purple Rain?

Several artists have covered the song in studio and live versions, including among others Kelly Clarkson, Etta James, Melissa Etheridge, Stevie Wonder & Madonna, Booker T. Jones, Adam Levine, Bruce Springsteen, Dolly Parton and even a bluegrass arrangement by Dwight Yoakam and a country version by Chris Stapleton.

Who sang Purple Rain tribute?

Stevie Wonder performs "Purple Rain" tribute for Prince - YouTube. During his interview on "CBS This Morning," music legend Stevie Wonder performed Prince's iconic song to pay tribute to his longtime friend. Prince, one of the most creative and influential artists of his era, died Thursday at the age of 57.

Whose funeral did Jennifer Hudson sing at?

Aretha Franklin

Actress and singer Jennifer Hudson performed "Amazing Grace" during Aretha Franklin's homegoing funeral service at the Greater Grace Temple in Detroit, Michigan on Friday.

Where did Jennifer Hudson learn to sing?

Chicago church choir

Hudson began singing at age seven in her Chicago church choir.

How many awards has Prince won?

Learn more of his dispute with Warner Brothers in the Prince biography. With one Oscar, seven Grammys (plus 33 nominations), seven BRIT Awards and a Golden Globe, discover what else Prince collected throughout his purple reign.

When did Prince get his first Grammy?


Prince earned his first three career GRAMMYs for 1984, including Best Album Of Original Score Written For A Motion Picture Or A Television Special for Purple Rain.


Who has won the most Grammys?
Most Grammys won

Rank Artist Awards
1 Beyoncé 32
2 Sir Georg Solti 31
3 Quincy Jones 28
4 Alison Krauss 27
How many BET Awards have Beyonce won?
List of awards and nominations received by Beyoncé

Awards and nominations
Award Wins Nominations
American Music Awards 16 41
BET 35 81
Billboard 14 59
Did Prince have a number one hit?
He has accumulated five US number-one singles and fifteen worldwide number 1 hits, as well as 8 worldwide number one albums.
Who hosting the BET Awards 2023?
Fat Joe

The 2023 BET Hip Hop Awards were held on October 3, 2023, as the 17th installment of the BET Hip Hop Awards, intended to recognize the best in hip hop music of 2023. The ceremony was taped in Atlanta, Georgia on October 3, and broadcast on BET the following week on October 10. The awards were hosted by Fat Joe.

What dies BET awards stand for?
The BET Awards are an American award show that was established in 2001 by the Black Entertainment Television network to celebrate black entertainers and other minorities in music, film, sports and philanthropy. The awards, which are presented annually, are broadcast live on BET.
Who sang Purple Rain at the Grammys?
Prince ft Beyonce

Prince ft Beyonce - Purple Rain [Premios Grammy (2004)] - YouTube.

Is Jennifer Hudson in a relationship?
She has been working at PEOPLE since 2021. She was formerly at POPSUGAR, Bustle, Tiger Beat and Her Campus. Common and Jennifer Hudson are going public with their relationship. During The Jennifer Hudson Show, Common seemingly confirmed his romance with Hudson as she asked him about his relationship status.
Who is Jennifer Hudson husband?
Hudson began dating James Payton in 1999, when she was 18. They separated in late 2007. Hudson met David Otunga, a professional wrestler in the WWE and a Harvard Law graduate, and the couple became engaged in September 2008. In August 2009, Hudson gave birth to her first child, her son David Daniel Otunga, Jr.
How did Jennifer Hudson feel about playing Aretha Franklin?
“I think Aretha saw so much more in me, in relation to her life, than I ever saw in myself,” muses Hudson, who now runs a foundation in her nephew Julian's name. “I feel she wanted a woman of faith to portray her who could truly understand the depths of those trials and tragedies.”

What prince song did erikah badu sing at the bet awards?

How old is Jennifer Hudson's son? Jennifer Hudson Celebrates Son David's 14th Birthday: 'Time to Celebrate' Kirsty Hatcher is a Staff Writer at PEOPLE. She has been working at PEOPLE since 2023.
Is Jennifer Hudson married to David Otunga? Does Jennifer Hudson have a husband? The actress has never been married, but has been in one serious relationship with David Otunga that nearly resulted in marriage. The EGOT winner has a son with Otunga. He is also allegedly in a relationship with rapper Common.
Did Purple Rain win a Grammy? Prince and the Revolution won a 1984 Grammy Award for Purple Rain, for Best Rock Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal, the four composers (Nelson, Coleman, Prince, and Melvoin) won Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media, and the album was nominated for Album of the Year.
How many Grammys did Michael Jackson win? 13 Grammy Awards

Jackson's career was rewarded with 13 Grammy Awards, as well as the Grammy Legend Award and Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award; 6 Brit Awards, 5 Billboard Music Awards and 24 American Music Awards. He currently holds 26 Guinness World Records.

Why do they have BET Awards? The BET Awards are an American award show that was established in 2001 by the Black Entertainment Television network to celebrate black entertainers and other minorities in music, film, sports and philanthropy. The awards, which are presented annually, are broadcast live on BET.
What were the ratings for the BET Awards? “BET AWARDS 2023” TAKES #1 SPOT AS BEST PERFORMING CABLE AWARD SHOW THIS YEAR AMONG ALL AUDIENCES (P18-49) APPROACHING 3 MILLION TOTAL LIVE VIEWERS ACROSS NINE PARAMOUNT NETWORKS. It was an extraordinary privilege to celebrate Hip Hop's profound legacy and invaluable contributions to our culture.
Has a white artist ever won a BET Award? Sam Smith is so far the only Caucasian artist to have won the award, winning it in 2015.
How many people watch the 2023 bet awards? The 2023 BET Awards scored an audience of 2.8 million viewers, up 2% from last year's ratings.
  • Is Jennifer Hudson actually singing in the Aretha Franklin movie?
    • A case in point was the decision to have Hudson actually sing during scenes where Aretha is seen recording or performing. “Around 90% of the music was all live, right there on the set,” the actress states proudly.
  • How did Aretha Franklin feel about Jennifer Hudson?
    • She was, however, particularly taken with Hudson after seeing her as a contestant on American Idol in 2004, so she made an exception. Following the show, they struck up a close friendship, which culminated in Franklin personally asking Hudson to play her in an eventual film about her life.
  • Does Jennifer Hudson really play the piano?
    • We didn't have to worry about doing all that vocal subbing you see in a lot of these kinds of movies." Hudson apart from singing, also played piano for this film, who attributed on Franklin's connection and influence she had in her life.
  • Did Aretha Franklin have a baby when she was a child?
    • Aretha welcomed her first son, Clarence Franklin, when she was just a preteen. “I still wanted to get out and hang out with my friends,” she told Ebony in 1995 about becoming a mom so young. “I wanted to be in two places at the same time. But my grandmother helped me a lot, and my sister and my cousin.
  • Did Jennifer Hudson do her own singing in Respect?
    • Rather than lip-syncing to a pre-recorded track, Jennifer Hudson did all her own singing live on set for Respect. Like Franklin, Hudson grew up singing in church. She went to be a star of American Idol, before having her breakthrough as as the tempestuous Effie White in Dreamgirls.
  • How did Jennifer Hudson learn to sing?
    • She accomplished the rare feat of winning the four major North American entertainment awards (EGOT: Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony). Hudson began singing at age seven in her Chicago church choir. As a teenager, she performed at wedding receptions and in local talent shows and musical theatre.
  • Who was the girl in Purple Rain?
    • Patricia Apollonia Kotero was born on August 2, 1959 in Santa Monica, California, to Mexican parents, Maria Socorro Torres, a caregiver, and Victor Manuel Kotero, a restaurant manager. She initially pursued fame and fortune via work as an actress, singer and model.
  • Who performed on BET Awards?
    • Jermaine Dupri, Bow Wow, Ludacris, Nelly, Da Brat, Bone Crusher, Chingy, Lil Jon, Tyrese and Dem Franchize Boyz came together during the awards ceremony for a star-studded tribute celebrating the 30th anniversary of Dupri's So So Def Recordings.
  • Who all is performing at BET Awards 2023?
    • Fans can expect performances from stars like Ice Spice, Lil Uzi Vert, Ja Rule, Remy Ma, GloRilla and more, while Drake, Lizzo and more will vie for a number of awards. Here's everything to about the big night.