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When was fulham last in the premier league

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When Was Fulham Last in the Premier League?

Benefits of Knowing When Fulham Last Competed in the Premier League:

  1. Historical Context:

    Finding out when Fulham last participated in the Premier League provides valuable historical context, highlighting the club's recent performance and trajectory in English football.

  2. Understanding the Current Status:

    By knowing the last season in which Fulham played in the Premier League, fans can understand the club's current position and progress, whether they are in the top division or competing in other leagues.

  3. Tracking Progress:

    For dedicated Fulham supporters, tracking the club's progress season by season is important. Knowing when Fulham was last in the Premier League allows fans to assess how far the club has come or how far it may still need to go to regain that status.


Fulham's Premier League Journey: How Many Times Have Fulham Been in the Premier League?

Discover the fascinating history of Fulham Football Club's presence in the Premier League and the number of times they have competed in the top-flight competition. Read on to learn more!

Fulham Football Club, based in London, has had a rich and eventful history in English football. As avid fans and enthusiasts, we often wonder how many times Fulham has participated in the prestigious Premier League. In this article, we delve into the club's Premier League journey, highlighting their appearances, successes, and the impact they have had on the football landscape.

Fulham's First Taste of the Premier League

Fulham Football Club first entered the Premier League in the 2001-2002 season. Managed by Jean Tigana, Fulham achieved promotion from the Division One (now the Championship) by winning the playoff final against Brentford. The Cottagers made an impressive impact in their debut season, securing a commendable 13th place finish.

Fulham's Promotion and Relegation Battles

  1. Promotion to the Premier League: In the 2000s, Fulham had a remarkable run of promotions and relegations. After

Is Fulham the oldest club?

Fulham Football Club is London's oldest professional football club, having been established in 1879. Find out more about the Club's long and colourful history below, with Fulham FC rightly positioned as London's original football club.

What is Fulham's biggest Premier League win?

Biggest Wins

# Date Result
1 Dec 26, 1963 10:1
2 Sep 16, 1969 0:8
3 Jan 22, 1938 8:1
4 May 2, 2022 7:0

Have Fulham ever won a trophy?

Fulham has never won a major trophy; however, it has a number of achievements.

When did Fulham become London?


The borough was formed in 1965 by merging the Metropolitan Borough of Hammersmith and the much more ancient Metropolitan Borough of Fulham. It was known as the "London Borough of Hammersmith" until its name was changed on 1 January 1979 by the borough council.

What is the 2nd oldest club in England?

Stoke City

Stoke City are the world's second oldest professional Football League club... and what a story it has been.

Have Fulham ever won the league?

Throughout its history, Fulham have played in all four divisions of English football and have never won a major trophy, although they were very close in 2010 when they lost the Europa League Final to Athletico Madrid after extra-time. Here are some of the highlights: Championship Winners (second level): 2000/01.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was Fulham's worst season?

Form continued to wane out on the pitch, and by the end of the 1995/96 season we recorded our worst ever league finish in ending the campaign 17th out of 24 in Division Three.

What year was Fulham in the Premier League?

Historical rankings

Season League League
15/16 Championship Second Tier
14/15 Championship Second Tier
13/14 Premier League First Tier
12/13 Premier League First Tier


What was Fulham FC highest Premier League finish?
In the 2008–09 season, Fulham finished seventh, their highest-ever league placing, earning qualification for the inaugural UEFA Europa League, the second time that the club had entered a UEFA competition.
Have Fulham ever been relegated?
Fulham had changed divisions in five successive seasons between 2017–18 to 2021–22, being relegated after winning the 2018 and 2020 EFL Championship play-off finals. They then won the 2021–22 EFL Championship title, finally settling in the Premier League, where they have played since 2022.

When was fulham last in the premier league

What club has never been relegated? Everton are one of six English clubs who have never been relegated from the Premier League since its creation in 1992. The others are Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Tottenham and Chelsea, so they are part of an elite group.
Have Fulham ever won the Prem? Throughout its history, Fulham have played in all four divisions of English football and have never won a major trophy, although they were very close in 2010 when they lost the Europa League Final to Athletico Madrid after extra-time.
  • When did Fulham last win a trophy?
    • They won the UEFA Intertoto Cup in 2002 and were beaten in the 2010 final of the UEFA Europa League. However, thirteen consecutive seasons in the top-flight culminated in relegation in 2014. Since that time, the club have moved between the first and second tiers under new owner Shahid Khan.
  • Has Fulham ever beat Chelsea?
    • On 19 March 2006, Fulham beat Chelsea 1–0 for the first time in 27 years with a goal from Luis Boa Morte. The match was marred by controversy and crowd trouble and has arguably rekindled the derby somewhat.